Book of Dragons

Project Overview
Book of dragons is a project I’ve worked on since early 2019. Whenever I meet someone new, and happen to have the book on me, I ask them to draw a dragon in it. This is of course only a devious ploy for me to steal cool dragon designs and make them my own.
Dragon Posters
Here I have repainted some of the dragons from the book. Click the image to see the original dragon drawing they are based on. More are on the way :)
Some History
As an artist I get a lot of good sketchbooks from friends and family (christmas, birthdays etc.) and as someone who works mostly digitally I've always had a hard time putting these to good use. Then I got this bright idea: why don't I just make other people fill them for me? This resulted in the creation of "Book of Dragons".

But why dragons? Having had similar projects earlier I've experienced that most people become very indecisive if they are asked to draw anything they want, so I knew I wanted a theme for the book. At the same time I didn't want every drawing to look more or less identical, and that's how I landed on dragons.

There is no "right" answer to what a dragon looks like. You can make it however you want! A scaly banana with wings? Dragon. A firebreathing chicken with human legs? Dragon, I would argue (that one's in the book by the way).

I excitedly prepared a book to start gathering dragons when I coincidentally just so happened to recieve a special edition "The Hobbit"-Moleskine with a dragon on it!
A few years have passed and the book is now almost full. If you'd like to see them I have scanned (some of, more coming soon) the book and put it it in a slide show below :)
Here are all the different nationalities that have drawn a dragon in the book.
I asked each unique nationality to write the word for dragon in their mother tongue.
Book of Dragons
Slide show of the book. I will update it with the rest once the book is full.
And if you're a contributor: thank you so much!

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