Graphic Design, Illustration
Project Overview
I find observing animals very interesting and peaceful, which is why I often feel like illustrating them. Here are some of my personal projects involving animals.
A3 posters of my three favourite birds. More are on the way!
Bird Posters
Sea gulls
2021 -
On the subject of birds, there is one bird I have a love/hate relationship with: The Sea Gull. I don't know how a creature can be both so cute and loveable yet also so terrifyingly terrorising. This fascination has lead to a yearly tradition of doing a sea gull illustration whenever summer rolls around.
Sleeping Dogs of Trondheim
A project I did when the pandemic first hit. A lot of people have requested more, with other animals and other cities, and I definitely will! If you're interested in one of these though, I have them printed on canvas (60x40cm).
Dog Portraits
I also love doing dog (digital) portrait commissions so feel free to contact me if you're interested in one :)

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