Mats Nordaas Olsen

Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Web Design
Project Overview
As a freelance designer I naturally do some work for myself. Here's some of it!
For my logo I wanted a design that was minimal but still unique to me. I ended up with this one, based on my initials. I made a few variations to cover different uses. The thought process behind the logo can be seen in an animation further down on this page :)
Interactive animation
Interactive self portrait animation for the front page of this webpage.
This Website
2022 -
This website and all its contents were also designed and made by me, using Webflow. (Picture is of an earlier version of the site)
It may be weird to use my CV as a work example, but I do approach it like any other work. I find being my own client a very enjoyable experience, so I end up redesigning it regularly.
Logo animation
Looping logo animation made for an earlier version of this website.
Business Card
Business card with my logo and a self portrait.

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