Reality Adventures

Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Project Overview
Reality Adventures is an Escape Room company located in Trondheim, Norway. I have been working for them as a graphic/motion designer since 2017, doing anything from logos to informational videos. I will first present a selection of marketing material I have made over these years, but other miscellaneous works can be found further below.
The logo mark (second) was a redesign of their existing logo, making it more clean and simple. The combination mark (first) was then designed for their premises. adding a banner and escape room elements per clients wishes. A second simpler combination mark (third) was later designed for use in advertising. 
2021 - 2023
For this marketing project I first designed a poster for each room. For the designs I tried to merge the theme and titles in a puzzle-like manner, staying true to the escape room spirit.
After the poster designs were finished I then incorporated them into a 4-fold brochure. I tried using a 2.5D effect on the frames to really draw you into the designs and make you want to explore these exciting "worlds".
Rollup Design for Reality Adventures
Rollup Design for Reality Adventures
Following this I made a few alterations to the brochure front-page to make it into this rollup.
Ad Video
Lastly I used the designs to make this promotional ad, being played from windows at their premises. (no sound)
I was recently also asked to make a Facebook profile photo and cover photo implementing the same designs.
"Mats is always a pleasure to work with. Whether given clear instructions or complete creative freedom, he always provides us with great results."

Jøran Sættem

CEO, Reality Adventures
Info video (draft)
Draft for an informational video explaining how different items found in the rooms work. As mentioned this is still in the making, which is why there's no music or narration.
Murder at the Circus
Intro-video for one of Reality Adventures' escape rooms.
Video and sound design by me, narration and music outsourced.
3D Logo Animation (draft)
Explored the idea of a 3D-logo animation for the room intro-videos. The idea was scrapped, but I liked how the draft turned out.
Disarm the Bomb
B2B informational flyer for the event-booking "Disarm the Bomb".

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