Graphic Design, motion graphics, Illustration
Project Overview
Baderomsbryggeriet is a group of Norwegian beer brewers.
After tasting their delicious beer I reached out asking if they would be interested in commissioning me for some designs. I've been lucky enough to make five so far, and also designed their latest logo.

I would have loved to explore different marketing material based on the designs, but as ads for alcoholic beverages are illegal in Norway I haven't had the opportunity to. I did however make a couple of animations, shown below, just for fun.
Decided to make the logo very simple, using their "initials" (BaderomsBryggeriet).
Beer Labels
The name "Baderomsbryggeriet" (translating to "The Bathroom Brewery") stems from the fact that they first started brewing from their bathroom, which is why I've included a bathtub into many of the designs. I was otherwise given very free reigns, only receiving the name of the batch and description of the ingredients.
Label Animations
Animations for two of the labels.

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