Book of Dragons

Graphic Design


Book of dragons is a personal project I have worked on since 2019. Whenever I meet someone new, and happen to have the book on me, I will ask them to draw a dragon in it. The book is now almost full and has over 200 different dragons.

Presented are some of the things I have made in this project so far.

This page is currently in development. Visual update will be up late june. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Work in progress English and Norwegian logo for the project. I am quite happy with the design at the moment, but I'll probably make alterations before the project's done.

Dragon posters

2023 -

Some of the dragons I have redrawn so far. They range from close to finished to early concept sketches. My goal is to make posters of them all, or at least most of my favorites.

I am quite busy at the moment, but I will add the original drawings next to the redesigns once I have time!