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Motion Design


Hemit is a state owned IT-company providing services and support for all hospitals in the middle region of Norway. This is my current work place and where I have been working since Aug 2023.

Here I spend around 20% of my time in the communication-team with miscellaneous design tasks, and the remaining 80% in the e-learning team where we create educational e-courses for healthcare workers.

Here are some of the things I have designed at Hemit:

This page is currently in development. Visual update will be up late june. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Logo animation


Animation of Hemit's logo, used as a vignette in most Hemit video productions. Here I tried merging the the themes associated with Hemit: health and technology.

(In progress)

2024 -

I am currently designing all visuals and interactivity for the new course about fire safety in hospital buildings, set to be used by most hospitals in Norway once finished. Above I have included a prototype of the first chapter.

I've made every asset and animation in Rive using only vector graphics, making it not only super sharp and (up to) 60 frames per second, but the file size of this whole sequence is only a measly 372kb! That's about the size of a small image file.

(PS: The finished course will only have pointer-cursor while clickable, but the prototype has it on by default. Also, nothing in the navbar is clickable.)

Smittevern i Ambulanse


I made all illustrations for a course about infection prevention for ambulance workers. The client was very clear they didn't want anything childish (in reference to other courses we'd made), so just to be sure I decided to go for a more semi-realistic approach. Here are some of my favorite illustrations from the course.

Powerpoint template


The 2023 version of Hemit's ppt-template. I was told to keep it simple and only use static slides with custom image placeholders.
(The image in the first slide is not me, but a lovely designer colleague)

Interview case


This isn't actually something I've made while working at Hemit but rather a case I was appointed during the interview process. I include it here because I'm quite happy with how it turned out. It could definitely be improved a lot timing wise, but considering it was made in one evening after working a full day at my previous job, I can't nitpick too much.

The case was: Make design(s) for a campaign against snooping in health journals.