Mabla Games

Graphic Design
Motion Design


Mabla is a game studio I started with Embla Flatlandsmo in 2023. She is a developer and handles all code-related tasks while I do everything visual and (eventually) marketing.

We are currently in early development working on our first game, a roguelike deck builder. Both of us are doing this parallel to other full time jobs, so development is somewhat slow, but we are on track to have a demo release on Steam in 2025.

Presented is some of the work I have done here so far.

This page is currently in development. Visual update will be up late june. Sorry for the inconvenience.



The logo is a silhouette of Embla and I.

UI design


Here are some screenshots of the game in its current state, showcasing both different assets and the UI.

Character designs


Here are some design concepts showing one of the playable characters, a pigeon warrior, and one enemy.

Card design


Here are some early concept designs of the card frame and example card art.

Much much more


More will be revealed here soon!